Sweet Mistakes | Ego

Suara kendaraan berlalu lalang di jalanan depan coffeeshop itu seharusnya terdengar gaduh, tapi terasa sayup ketika aku sendiri disini menikmatimu. I just don’t give a shit with crowd as long i have you in next to me.

What an ego. I know. Indeed.

I just can’t deny this, even i knew it’s a mistake for wanting you. I can’t stand to not enjoy you. Now you are my temporary extacy in these fuckin’ mess of my days that i’ve made by my self.

Something wrong again on me, on my mind. Crawling in my soul.

I knew the risks when i push my self to having you. I’m gonna loose my sanity.


I don’t know how to handle this but i don’t wanna know how anyway. I just enjoy this. D’you know what i mean? I need something but i can’t describe what it is. I just know one thing, i feel alive, and i know it’s not a proper way to get alive this way. I bet many preciouse things on this.

Hope this gonna ends soon. Soon after i vanish my coffee and back to my real life.

And i think God has read my hope before i write down here. Saved by the bell. Some message’s come in to my phone has push me to go back to my real.

See you soon my coffee, soon after this stormy thought pass, in a different and better condition. I know we could. We have to.

About imexplore

Im trying to exploring some things to explore. Sebatas kemampuanku menjelajahi dunia bersama hati dan fikiranku.
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2 Responses to Sweet Mistakes | Ego

  1. Waskito Kukuh Wibowo says:

    Mbak ngopi rumiyin

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