Sweet mistakes | You’re not ready, i knew that


Same table we usually used to spent times. Same time. Same place.

I frankly missing you, even i’ve tried this hard to skip you away outta my mind. I still missed you. Damn missing you. Still wishing for one moment to see you somewhere i don’t know in the city.

One thing i wanna ask you is “are you ok?” Coz what i see is you’re not. And both of us knew that. You just deny it. You’re just hiding from the crowd. Lemme tell you, You don’t have to.

Maybe you’re not ready. And now you decide to vanished away, just like that. But i still notice it, the way you trynna show me where you are, how you doing, trynna tell the world that you’re strong and rebel.

Hey, i’m a big girl, i knew exactly how to read the signs. Don’t fool your self out, pretending like you are the winner.

Make me mad ! Show me what you got ! I’ll let you win now. But you’ll never know what i can do to make you feel loosing like a real looser. You didn’t know i’m able to do that, even more.

Lemme ask you, Who did asking me to stay? Who did regret about to loose a moment to spent? Who did usually challenge a chance to be seeing each other? We knew the answer is, YOU.

You choose to be heartless. But we know you didn’t. We both know.

Now let me show you how to be heartless. I’ll show you, obviousely, clearly clear like glass. I’ll show you a heart-game-to-play. You’ve asking for it. Just wait untill that time comes.

Fuck the drama, stop right now, or you’ll gonna loose, just like a looser lost the game.


About imexplore

Im trying to exploring some things to explore. Sebatas kemampuanku menjelajahi dunia bersama hati dan fikiranku.
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