Sweet Mistakes |Lost

It happened again.

Aku seharusnya sudah tau sejak awal. Terlalu sering ngopi berdua denganku bisa bikin baper. Been there, for times. But what can i do? I actually can’t refuse it. It wasn’t my fault if you finally that in to me. Blame your self. You are too weak. You should’ve knew it long before you take it for the risks.

Ada satu sore dimana Emily merasa ‘ini pasti akan terjadi lagi’ ketika Vick selalu ada di sana, kapan saja dia mau. Something’s gonna goes wrong after this. And yep ! Taddaaaa… Just happened.

And, the rest of the story are always same. She loose her good friend of her. A badass friend who always fun to have coffee with. A freak one to share stupid jokes.

‘Great. Congratz to your tallent, Em. You’re expert on it’ she told her self so.

Menyesal sudah pasti suatu keterlambatan. Apa sih yang dicari dari sebuah persahabatan? Yes, right! Keberadaan.

Dalam semalam entah apa sebabnya tiba-tiba Vick menghilang. Tanpa WA, DM, Chats, Calls. None of them. She can only see him from his social media posts that he shared but never connected.

Well at least he’s not blocking her from his socmed acount. That’s the only good thing left now. He can’t even reach him from their close friends. He’s actually dissappear from anyone. Hanya menyisakan tanda tanya besar di benak Emily. Apa yang terjadi?

Did Vick finally reallized that Emily is untouchable, unavailable? He should’ve knew it from the start. How stupid you, Vick !

She don’t even know if he reads those messages she tried to show him.

Whadda sad ending she knew the ending.

All is too late now. But she swear it loudly, she will make universe force him to come one day. Just the matter of time. And time sometimes just frustrating for her. Don’t know why.


PS : Hey Badass, i miss you so bad. Please come back to the table we usually have a coffee together. I wonder what was happened on you. You’re not cool this way, Cuk. Or this is you in my mind?

About imexplore

Im trying to exploring some things to explore. Sebatas kemampuanku menjelajahi dunia bersama hati dan fikiranku.
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